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Massively Confident

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Personal Business Trainer identifies seven traits of high performance individuals that allow them to achieve excellence in contribution to their businesses. It is this excellence in contribution that leads to enhanced opportunities within the company and faster promotions.

These seven traits are Exemplary Leader, Notably Insightful, Massively Confident, Quickly Decisive, Responsibly Charismatic, Results Rainmaker, and Success Driver. Each of these traits is treated separately within the pages tied to “PBT Program Goals”.


A third trait within the PBT focus is confidence which is defined as belief in the power, trustworthiness and reliability of a person. Massive is defined as large in scale, amount or degree. It follows then that Massively Confident is when a person demonstrates power, trustworthiness, and reliability in a significantly large way when compared to others. If you use this term to describe yourself, it refers to achieving a higher level of confidence in things compared to your past – your old self.

When a person is new in their career, they have an inherent confidence based on their personal life experience and this grows with time. If a person has a college education, then they develop confidence in their areas of study and can assert this confidence in their daily work and interactions with others. As their experience continues to provide new areas of knowledge, these competencies in turn lead to broadening confidence.

Some people suffer from a lack of confidence. Be it their inherent nature or a trained response from growing up in a tough environment, these individuals tend to not show their true capabilities, especially in group settings. As an aspiring young leader, growing confidence in yourself to the point that you can demonstrate your capabilities in public is a requisite for setting yourself ahead of the crowd and obtaining faster promotions.

PBT activities are targeted to accelerate the growth of confidence in a variety of topics. This acceleration is provided initially by classic training on a broad set of topics important to business settings. Confidential conversations help in peer group sessions continue that acceleration by bringing in others thoughts and experiences as well. Finally, practical application of new learning helps cement the capability to use new information and completes the confidence acceleration process.

None of the seven Personal Business Trainer traits are stand alone topics; in fact, they are highly overlapped and leverage each other. Massively Confident is a result of gaining knowledge and capability across a wide variety of important topics and synergizes from all of the experiences provided in the PBT curriculum.


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