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Personal Business Trainer identifies seven traits of high performance individuals that allow them to achieve excellence in contribution to their businesses. It is this excellence in contribution that leads to enhanced opportunities within the company and faster promotions.

These seven traits are Exemplary Leader, Notably Insightful, Massively Confident, Quickly Decisive, Responsibly Charismatic, Results Rainmaker, and Success Driver. Each of these traits is treated separately within the pages tied to “PBT Program Goals”.


Most companies measure performance by results success; not promises of results success, not rumors of results success, not excuses for the lack of results success, but hard-core “this is what got done…” results success.  We’ve copied this sentence from the page on “Results Rainmaker” to support a point and to emphasize a difference.

Every business relies on its employees to produce results based on their position and job description. This is discussed thoroughly the prior page (Results Rainmaker)  and describes that aspiring young leaders need to be Results Rainmakers in each and every assignment they pursue.

In many ways, “results” is an operational substitute for “success” and therein lies the rub.  Being a Results Rainmaker is an absolute must for aspiring young leaders seeking faster promotion.  However, there is a catch.  “Results” is a surrogate concept defined by superiors that represents the idea that “if the result is accomplished, success will follow…”  In most circumstances, those that define the goal/results are educated and informed and connected and when the “results” occur, “success” is spontaneous.

However, the assumption that Result = Success is not accurate 100% of the time.  Sometimes, results are only abstractly connected to the success of the business; “We succeeded in accomplishing the new market analysis, but due to underfunding, the project was cancelled…”  Sometimes, results are addressing misguided intentions; “We introduced several new apps into a crowded market space and our fiscal result was one-tenth of what was promised…”  Sometimes, the guiding insight into an activity is simply mistaken regarding business impact; “We beat all of our milestones and exceeded the system performance specs…but in the end, nobody really wanted what we offered…”

There are thousands of examples of great people that accomplished great results and ended up serving their career in relative anonymity. They did everything that was asked of them,  performed beyond reasonable expectations and had a very acceptable life results as well.  But many of them did not make hay while the sun shined, so to speak.

Accomplishing results and being a Results Rainmaker is a critical skill for aspiring young leaders.  But you will find in life that real business progress is made when results rain down on key aspects of the business that truly drive corporate success.  It is exciting and fun to rain results on a new sexy business area that might be good business in a few years.  Certainly the lights are bright and the internal PR feels great.

Yet, too many of these “results rich” – “success poor” endeavors end up with disheartening corporate impact and lackluster stock holder benefit.  In these cases, most of the involved parties proceed onto new ventures at parity with where they began.  Rare lucky souls are caught up in yet another round of exciting new ventures with seemingly positive proclaim and benefit, but most circulate back into the pool of great people achieving great results…

As an aspiring young leader, it is imperative that you are choiceful in your assignments and when comparing options, select directions that not only set you up for Results Rainmaking, which is mandatory for anyone seeking faster promotions, but also for a reputation as a Success Driver, where results achieve dramatic positive impact on business performance and the contribution to the corporation is absolutely unquestionable.


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