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Quickly Decisive

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Personal Business Trainer identifies seven traits of high performance individuals that allow them to achieve excellence in contribution to their businesses. It is this excellence in contribution that leads to enhanced opportunities within the company and faster promotions.

These seven traits are Exemplary Leader, Notably Insightful, Massively Confident, Quickly Decisive, Responsibly Charismatic, Results Rainmaker, and Success Driver. Each of these traits is treated separately within the pages tied to “PBT Program Goals”.


Experienced leaders know that decision making is a key skill for highly effective people.  Be it in professional or personal matters, the ability to sort through a wide variety of information, glean what is truly important and make precise choices is a key performance factor.

Decision making spans the gamut of life activities – everything from when to get up in the morning to what to wear to how to get a job done to choosing a career to managing life partnerships – decision making in inherent in life.  People that cannot make decisions are paralyzed to perform and the opposite is also true: people that make great decisions improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

In a work setting, decision making occurs almost constantly. In the tactical arena, there are daily needs for where to go? what to get? who to talk to? when to act? how to proceed? and we could add a hundred other questions that need answering continuously. In the strategic arena of a business, i.e. direction setting and making large choices for a business approach, the value of accurate decision making is amplified.

Given the competitive nature of today’s business world and given the lightening fast pace of life for most of us, decision accuracy is complicated with time requirements.  “I need this yesterday…” is a humorous statement often seen in TV and movies, yet it is not so humorous when you are faced with a huge decision and little time to resolve.  PBT activities associated with decision making focus not only on decisiveness, but also with speed of decisiveness, and we call this performance trait Quickly Decisive – making accurate decisions and making them at the right time and pace.

Those in the workplace that can grapple with complex topics, understand all of the connections and implications, and make solid and powerful recommendations on an executable course of action are more valuable to the business than those that watch others do this.  Those in a leadership position need to be able to understand a variety of choices that may be proposed and sort through to key issues in selecting direction.  Accelerating success in a career is facilitated by accomplishing fast and accurate decisions time after time after time.

There are dozens of approaches and tools used in decision making and the PBT curriculum touches on several of these to expand awareness of participants regarding decision making knowledge.  Often a key challenge is simply making a decision on how a decision will be made!  It feels a bit Dilbert-ish, akin to scheduling a meeting in order to schedule a meeting, but many a decision, especially large decisions, have been hampered by paralysis in approach.

In the Personal Business Trainer cycle, you will learn about decision making processes, participate in confidential peer group sessions exploring yours and others successes and failures with decisions and identify and execute application areas for decision making skills. This learning cycle accelerates personal capability to make timely and accurate decisions helping to build your capability towards Quickly Decisive.


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