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Notably Insightful

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Personal Business Trainer identifies seven traits of high performance individuals that allow them to achieve excellence in contribution to their businesses. It is this excellence in contribution that leads to enhanced opportunities within the company and faster promotions.

These seven traits are Exemplary Leader, Notably Insightful, Massively Confident, Quickly Decisive, Responsibly Charismatic, Results Rainmaker, and Success Driver. Each of these traits is treated separately within the pages tied to “PBT Program Goals”.


Insight is the ability to develop important conclusions based on observed information. Whether it is knowing how to solve a problem in an area of expertise, making a prediction stemming from past experiences, or being able to synthesize a solution by drawing from multiple disciplines, those with insight help businesses solve problems faster than competitors.

The best insight is typically an extrapolation beyond direct experience. We know how this cause produces that effect, and if we do something a bit different, maybe it will produce this type of result. Extrapolated predictions when proven to be true, expand expertise and lead to new opportunities. Applied insight helps a business through expanding horizons and creating new solutions.

Insight has a multi-dimensional aspect. Just as expanding horizons within a topic adds value to a business, being able to extrapolate beyond known boundaries in multi-space can create extreme business advantage. Identifying how to solve a new problem perhaps by synthesizing across technology and customer understanding can be more valuable than solving the same problem as before. Synthesizing across financial, legal and software spaces may lead to new business models and significant commercial advantage.

As a person grows in their experience, they expand their capability not only in their own areas of expertise, but they gain exposure in the expertise of others as well. More experiences across multiple areas of knowledge allow those with natural insight to develop significantly stronger insight and contribute to business success in broader fashion.

Personal Business Trainer brings targeted education to bear across multiple topics, complements this education with quality conversation, and solidifies this learning with application. By accelerating the learning experience and deliberately exposing cross-business topics, an individual with insight ability can build upon natural skills to become Notably Insightful.


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