Targeted Training for Faster Promotions

PBT Program Goals

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Personal Business Trainer identifies seven traits of high performance individuals that allow them to achieve excellence in contribution to their businesses. It is this excellence in contribution that leads to enhanced opportunities within the company and faster promotions.

These seven traits are Exemplary Leader, Notably Insightful, Massively Confident, Quickly Decisive, Responsibly Charismatic, Results Rainmaker, and Success Driver. Each of these traits is treated separately within the pages tied to “PBT Program Goals”. At this summary level of the discussion, these seven traits are treated as a group.


The bottom line goal of the Personal Business Trainer Program is for our participants to:

Achieve faster promotions through targeted training.

We do this by instilling into participants the ability to achieve greater accomplishment in all seven high performance traits. It is the combination of these traits that gives those with Personal Business Trainer experience skills and knowledge required to make larger business impacts. These larger business impacts get noticed and when sustained over time, will lead to greater opportunities for contribution. Successful achievement towards these greater opportunities lead in turn to faster promotions.

This graphic gives insight into the Personal Business Trainer methodology:

PBT infographic gif

High performance traits are strengthened through and EDUCATION-DIALOGUE-APPLICATION cycles on a variety of important topics. Education that builds on high performance traits is provided in multiple convenient formats. PBT Peer Groups share their experience and insights in confidential fashion, further embellishing simple education. True understanding and growth comes through the application of new learning which is also part of the PBT methodology. These education-dialogue-application cycles continue across all seven performance traits areas leading to the building of a solid platform of capability at the individual level.

Feel free to learn more about each of the Personal Business Trainer high performance traits:

Exemplary Leader
Notably Insightful
Massively Confident
Quickly Decisive
Responsibly Charismatic
Results Rainmaker
Success Driver