Targeted Training for Faster Promotions

PBT Curriculum

Personal Business Trainer is all about targeted training for faster promotions. By providing effective learning opportunities and conditions, individuals that aspire to become recognized leaders in their organizations can obtain critical skills and experiences beyond what is afforded in day-to-day business environments. Members of PBT Peer Groups tailor their training topics towards specific areas of desired growth and the cyclical education-dialogue-application learning loops provide more than just book based education.

The diagram below lists many of the available topics for exploration as part of a PBT Peer Group and is organized into “business functional”, “business topical”, “business assessment”, and “business design” areas.  These categories span the gamut of topics typically included in an MBA type curriculum, and adds a variety of  topics that are application oriented, i.e. how does a young leader move from intellectual understanding towards confidence in being able to use the knowledge in day-to-day situations.


Personal Business Trainer curriculum handout


When a PBT Peer Group is formed, individuals of similar needs and aspirations are groups together.   They choose the topics that will be of most value to them and over the course of their program, they collectively build a plan of study.  Included in PBT Peer Groups are selected individuals that have experiences across most elements of the PBT curriculum so that dialogue sessions and application exercises can benefit from each other’s various strengths.

To find out more about how the Peer Groups fit into the overall Personal Business Trainer experience, please review the PBT METHODOLOGY.