Targeted Training for Faster Promotions

Personal Business Trainer

Personal Business Trainer is a personal skills development program targeted at young leaders and people interested in greater work opportunities and faster promotions.

Through a combination of of classroom and online training complemented with peer group discussion and well-designed applications in the work setting, broad knowledge required for advancement and promotion is acquired at an accelerated pace.

Through repetitively exercising the "education-dialogue-application" cycle, various aspects of business skills are built within the individual providing for enhanced perspective, increased business acumen, and better decision making capabilities.

These advantages help differentiate participants in the program relative to non-participating cohorts in the workplace and set the stage for progressing an individual's career and faster promotions.

Personal Business Trainer is a focused process

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You've heard about using a personal trainer
for enhancing your workouts.

So why not use a Personal Business Trainer
for enhancing your professional career?